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Roofing Pitchbook

4.6 ( 8336 ratings )
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Developer: Tech Tool Belt
9.99 USD

Allows you to easily make a roofing presentation to your customers. Guide your customers through each step of the roofing process, from underlayment to shingles and even added extras such as gutters. Help them make the best choices in each category while keeping them well informed. When youre finished with the pitch, you can view a summary of the choices made, email, or print your summary as a PDF.

The Roofers Pitchbook gives you helpful information along the way. Provides quick reference icons for recommendations and various attributes of each product such as pricing icons, value icons, and “green” icons.

This app is great to help sales people who are new to roofing sales. It gives a brief generic description of many different items and services. The information maintains a broad enough description so most all manufacturers products are included. New features and updates to come!

Key Features:
- Create an unlimited number of pitches
- Beautiful, high resolution photos of each product listed
- Add your companys information for a professional look
- Easy to navigate pitch categories for quicker sales